150th-anniversary banners on the Sapporo Campus

Dec 22, 2023

Towards Hokkaido University’s 150th anniversary in 2026, various events and projects are being planned and implemented. One of these is the installation of the commemorative banners on the Sapporo Campus. The banners are to raise the appeal of the anniversary to everyone on the campus, including visitors.

In the morning on Saturday, December 16th, in the freezing temperature, the installation of the banners began. A total of 73 banners are attached to the streetlights from the main gate, along Main Street, and along Gingko Avenue. As snowfall was expected from around noon on this day, the installation team was split into three groups to proceed with the work quickly. They said that the banners were made of snow-proof materials, and bird deterrent wires were attached to the top bars to protect the banners. Even the screws were painted in green to blend with the lamp posts.

The banner design was discussed in the Public Relations Committee of the 150th anniversary project. They selected a design and colors that would best complement the campus scenery. It features the University’s signature green, the University logo, and the 150th anniversary logo. Let’s see how the banners will add a touch of color to the campus scenery across different seasons.