Ainu language bus stops announcement in Hokkaido University’s shuttle bus

Mar 21, 2024

 Hokkaido University established the aynu sisam urespa ukopirkare us i (Office of Ainu Relations and Initiatives) in April 2022 to plan and develop initiatives for the coexistence of Ainu people and other members of the University, both on and off campus.

 The use of the Ainu language has been promoted since the fiscal year 2021 by introducing the Ainu language into the Campus Guide Map. In January 2024, we began announcements in the Ainu language, in addition to Japanese and English, on one of the two staff-only shuttle buses operated by the University that run through the Sapporo campus. Approximately, 190,000 people use these shuttle buses service every year. This new project intends to deliver the experience of the Ainu language on a daily basis to the passengers.

 For more details, please see the press release (in Japanese).