150th anniversary communication studio “ENLIGHT” in the Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO”

Oct 17, 2023

The Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO” is a newly opened facility inside the Sapporo Campus. The building previously served as the Faculty House Trillium (Enreiso) until March 2020. On October 2, 2023, the building was inaugurated as a new place for meeting, co-working, and holding events for all registered users (registrations are open for both University and non-University members.)

Inside the Hub, the 150th anniversary communication studio “ENLIGHT” is a co-working space for creating and disseminating information pertaining to the 150th anniversary; it is installed on the ground floor, south of the entrance. At events, an exclusive three-wall projection on the University’s long-running history, visions and missions, and characteristics will be displayed.

More projects celebrating the 150th anniversary are underway and more information related to this grand occasion will be disseminated from this communication hub.

Go to the University’s homepage to read about the new Open Innovation Hub “ENREISO”