Message from the President

Hokkaido University will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2026. For the 150 years since its founding in 1876 as Sapporo Agricultural College—one of the earliest degree-awarding institutions in Japan— the University has made tremendous strides forward. It has contributed to the development of the region, the nation, and the world by producing many talented individuals who have played roles not just in the local community, but throughout Japan and beyond.

With the frontier spirit at the heart of its founding ethos, and based on all-round education, the University has worked to develop unexplored fields of study, promote social contribution through practical learning, and foster the development of professionals who can thrive on the world stage. The history of the University sets it apart from other universities in Japan. For instance, soon after it was founded, in the early Meiji era, it offered English education provided by faculty members from abroad. In addition, the untold efforts of our predecessors have enabled the institution to develop into a comprehensive research university with one of the largest campuses in the world.

The year 2026 will mark the beginning of the next 150 years, during which we will tap the potential that has been fostered through our 150-year history in an exceptional environment, in order to contribute to the resolution of global issues as a unique, unparalleled institution.

As an institution located in a region that is “advanced in challenges,” a region that is fraught with typical domestic and global challenges, we aim to enhance our value in providing a public good so as to become a hybrid university with Excellence & Extension: combining excellence in world-class research capabilities and extension to society with community-based problem-solving capabilities. We have established the 150th Anniversary Foundation, as we will implement commemorative projects and programs for the next 150 years with the commitment to break new ground in uncharted frontiers under the slogan “ambition to enlighten the world.” We sincerely ask for the support not only of our alumni and friends, but also of local residents and businesses.

Kiyohiro HOUKIN
President of Hokkaido University